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The AISIN group of companies design and manufacture high quality products for virtually every element of an automobile, from transmission and drivetrain-related products, to the brake system, chassis, engine, body parts, including sunroofs and door latches, and information-related products. In fact, AISIN products are incorporated into vehicles produced by most OEMs worldwide.


Being a member of the TOYOTA Group of companies, it should not be surprising that the TOYOTA Group is the biggest customer for AISIN in automotive parts. In fact, fundamentally every TOYOTA vehicle globally is fitted with AISIN products.

AISIN are also responsible for creating various aftermarket automotive parts to enhance your vehicle! 

One of AISIN'S unique and innovative technologies, the NVR (Noise Vibration Reduction) Clutch proves performance and environmental awareness can go hand in hand. The NVR clutch system has been adopted into the automotive industry as Original Equipment. AISIN also supply other drivetrain related products including Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder, Free Wheel Hub and Flywheel Damper that deliver equally high quality, performance and reliability.

Regarding engine related products, AISIN takes pride in being the No.1 Water Pump supplier to Japanese automobile manufactures. Utilizing the experience and knowledge gained through years of design cooperation with OEMs, AISIN is able to deliver technological advantages in manufacturing and achieves outstanding quality and durability from our products.

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Phone: +61-3-8311-9100

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